Wang Yi Guang

wang yi

While walking in Central few nights ago i was attracted by this huge paiting on canvas in a windw gallery. since sometimes i am dreaming of Tibet i went searching for this artist. He has been working for China railway Corporate for long time and thanks to his job he could depict the natural grasslandey landscape of Tibet.

To me , searching and selecting are vital when it comes  to the study and examination of life. Painters should open their hearts and merge into life without prejudice.

the thing which really attracted my attention was the laptop the girl is showing to the yak. An element of viratian modernity into a quite pure setting of countryside. this girl is meant to be the symbol of a flying goddess of  nature hovering along with these majestic bovins. These paintings have been considered as meditations on progress and ethical lifestyle in regions of the planet where the nature is very much incontaminated; nonetheless it is alterated by technological infiltrations build by man power. For example the Tibet region assisted to the construction of a long railway three years ago for the first time.





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