New soaps fragrance

I made new soaps in these last two months and sent it to Finland and Canada, of course in HK too. If you want to try it would be my delight to mail it to you as a fresh gift from BI blog. Just leave me or email your address at radhagarima at yahoo dot com dot au.


chamomile oatmeal with coconut oil and olive oil


left: lavanda buds & soymilk / right: bamboo & basil flavour

spin5Ask for it!


6 thoughts on “New soaps fragrance

  1. thank you, and all sold out for charity in 1 and half day! i am experimenting new fragrances this week. but the soap it is ready only after one month or even more from the moment you make it because it is subjected to the process of saponification & hardening. my living room is all soaped up in different corner ! 🙂

  2. JSM!!!
    Hi Radha, thanks for soap recipe. Your blog is very nice and I will visit it with big pleasure. So big inspirations!!! About home productions of soap and other products I’ve never thought. Could you also send me recipe for new fragrances soap (turmeric and other) and face lotion if you have. Many, many thanks
    love, Marta

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