The eartquake is inside the people


Last morning i saw these pics of a serious earthquake happened in Italy and I realized how simple and humble those people are: it s read in their faces, it s so amazing. Like another life now. Another life starting again. Somtimes we live several lives in the same lifespan and we face so many things and transformations. People start not to recognize us anymore because changes have to be strong in some cases. The Italian area where earth was shaken is surrounded by Maiella, a wonderful motherly mountain very rich in Bhoomi devi tattwa. One time I saw a wonderful documentary made by sahaj yogis about this mountain and its historical and spiritual meaning. The essence of us people is shaken too. Now we say “let’s do it globally” and that economy is going under repair and that the world needs to be fixed, all these talks we are listening in these days. Here in Hong Kong now everybody is going for fundraising more than ever before. HR at my office asked me to teach the Bollywood dance in Slumdog Milionarie because they want to perform it in another charity event next month. Art, money, globalization, all mixed up sometimes nicely sometimes just in confusion. This fenomeno of globalization is interesting because it is just like the earthquake going to kick onto the essence and the vulnerability of the humans. You see their real faces and understand what they are for. For example, the trend of incredible India is so unveiling (can I use this term). Here in China you will find people who are born and lived and worked here all their life and suddenly they get to know to India better and they start becoming like Indians: they take to yoga or Indian appealing styles and all of a sudden forget that they were Chinese and stay for a long while ignorant about understanding their own background and essence. It’s too fascinating. Future is gonna be bright and shocking.


11 thoughts on “The eartquake is inside the people

  1. sharing culture is one of the things I look forward in this new age of world being one big global village, we have so much to learn from each other

  2. Radha, I think that is one of your bestposts ever! Soooooo deep and wise…amazing…and the life sentence is extremely powerful.
    actually THE FUTURE IS NOW, that is what I see – I mean, all of it has started already.

  3. Nice one!! One of the best I’ve read.

    All of what is happening reminds me of what my grandmother used to tell me: whenever the bhooma devi’s burden becomes unbearable with sins, pralaya will happen. A new yuga will start.

    Just read on washington post about people on Haiti living on $2 a day!! Such poverty!! This is after thunderstorms killed more than 800 natives in the past year.

    The earth is waking up to our sins. Hope we wake up before it.

  4. i think there is a meaning behind all thse happenings and sometimes it is not difficult at all to understand it and take upon responsability in balance =)

  5. think that what is happening in italy now, is the same in the rest of the world: all these bad people have being exposed, all the houses and buildings and hospital that they constructed with SAND, and now everybody knows their names, and more than 300 people died because this bloody money, this human greed.

  6. it s true, human greed can be so powerful that Moher Nature react to it in order to bring balance and to let the people to understand more about Her.

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