the kiddin Vibration in your head

friend: this thing is …
me: ?
friend:  not cool
friend: i mean
friend:  the toy
me: yes
friend:  no words
me:  i know
friend:  why do they have to make it
me: i posted in my blog and left coments to the others
me: but it shows how they are making all kinds of experiments
friend: ya
me:  without knowing anything for real
me:  that s the main point actually
friend:  ya
me:  they are trying and trying
me: in the maze of their mind
friend:  this will take them nowhere or perhaps somewhere
friend: it proves the capacity of brain waves
me: we dont know where, we just know where we are going for sure eheheh
friend: ya

At the recent Toy Fair 2009 in New York a company presented this head belt which is supposed to covert the mind energy (the tester said “vibrations”) into movement of the ball you guide with an hand remote control. They are doing a lot of experiments in Toy industry, some of them are quite fun and thoughtless / mind blowing, others a big waste of skills and talents; i want to give you some updatings in the next post since at my office our team is focused on electronic game designing. Cool stuff!


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