Some developments of globalization in my life

Just some because it would be too many detailes and stuff to tell and describe, but i can list the most recent happenings linked to them.

I have to start with the word India because the background of this great country is going to play a fundamental role in the future of my life. i like it and did not expect to find this India-connection six years ago for example. But yes i recall that one time when i was very young, maybe around seven, i found an Indian holy book in my mother’s bookcase and read with a certain interest something which i dont remember anymore and in a language which was not Italian. After that  i forgot it and went back to my toys and stuff i suppose. Last night a friend from India who lives in Hong Kong organized an after rugby (a big international sportive event in town) dinner  at the indian recreation centre in town and I went in my usual ethnic outfit hindo-chinese from the head to the knees and western from the knees to the feet. Here in HK we are an huge mix of population, in many many places you sit down with a moltitude of people who had traveled and worked in more than two places and had to adapt quickly to new things and contexts, in most of the cases they grew up with parents from two countries and things like that. There is always a small light switching on automatically when getting together with these kind of folks. It’s something in the genes i suppose, we are united from diversified experiences and familiar with  geographical changes.  

Indians today always ask me why i wear the manglasutra, a precious gift from my husband on our first trip together in India. When i was on an Airindia flight two weeks ago i read an article advocating the ever stronger choice of the arranged marriage among these families. I found myself in the middle  of a gorgeous Punjabi arranged wedding, being friend with the bride’s elder sister. I ll make a reportage soon about this incredible experience under the auspicious words of Guru Nanak. Arranged marriage is surely a big effect of the globalization in my life, since as many hindu spouse i had to turn around the fire and move the tiny rice hills with the toe. Magic.

But my husband has a Chinese, not Indian, background: another huge golden door opens in front of me. and while yesterday we were discussing at the recreation center the affinities between Italians and Indians, they are showering from somewhere  new affinities and connections: on one side between Italians and Chinese on another side between Chinese & Indians. I ve explored …15% until now, good and bad. Attitudes, clubbing styles, food. It depends on your mind and what you want to do with your life now. Globalization is all pervading and everlasting. Will keep it updated…



6 thoughts on “Some developments of globalization in my life

    1. yes and the roots turning around new globalized experiences and feelings becomes even more rounded and beautiful and strong

  1. yes axinia it is the most special blessing of my life, i can surely tell it. i just opened the two doors and entered and …

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