Where you come from is your power


It is not just a joke that we are born wherever are born. There are millions of things about our origins we still are unaware of , about the corner of the world where we took birth. It is really complicated yet fascinating, misterious and worth to explore. It gives complete satisfaction to know the truth about a land, its geographical and subtle meanings, the rule it is playing in the fast pacing world today. We cannot still imagine where we are going to be projected ad expanded with just our being. Many of us move to other countries for different reasons but they take it for granted, they cannot see the real truth of their movement. Some other will complain having lived all their life in the hometown and dream to change, without being able to grasp the why they are placed there.  A long quote from 7 years ago:

“People say it is Kaliyuga. Why has this Kaliyuga set-in? What is its meaning? Mostly the people do not know. They know about it from different people and talk about it. It has an important myth behind it of the time of King Parikshit. No one knows about it, no one reads it. People read only stupid books. At the most they read Ramayana but they have no knowledge of its message or its philosophy. No one knows about it. But we Sahaja Yogis must acquire this knowledge. We must know from where the culture of our country dawned and how it reached at this level. Without the knowledge of all these our approach will also become like the ignorant foreigners and eventually the ego and other negativities will have an effect on us. So it is better that we understand them from its roots from where these qualities have originated and what is their significance? Why do we do certain things? Or we do it because other people also do it. It is not proper. We must have thorough knowledge of it”. (H.H. Shri Mataji, Gudi Padwa Puja (Translated from Hindi) Palam Vihar, Gurgaon , India , 13.04.2002)


2 thoughts on “Where you come from is your power

  1. I don’t think having a thorough knowledge about some of the biggest questions is easy, if possible at all. But definitely we ought to attempt to gain more knowledge on such things. That I accept.

    Destination Infinity

  2. interestingly kaliyuga has a deeper meaning, it means an age where you will learn from what you do, or rather face the consequences of what we do in our own lifetime..isn’t that how it should be always..

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