In Neaples it’s like being in India

Walking thru the markets and the most popular streets of Neaples is like walking thru the market and the popular streets in any of the cities of India. So many colors, voices & sounds, kids, motocycles with three or even four people on board, smells, pollution mixed with the fresh exhibited vegetables on the wooden stalls or on the ground, men pushing behind a small wood wagon loaded with fruits and drinks. Seven hours flight between south of Italy and south of India are nothing in comparison with all the amazingly identical gestures and lifestyle of their populations. There is also an incredible profundity in their own dialect although diverse.

Neaples by night is sometimes a way to attract tourists in the most animated of italian cities. 

Somewhere in internet recently i read that in Neaples anarchy is the rule. It is probably true, in the past time it was even worst and stories of mafia or camorra are very common to the superficial worldwide points of view.  But Neaples is much much much more. A great attraction for all multiculturality travelling especially from Africa, Asia and Russia. The city needs to be discovered in each small detail because it s just magical. It is magical mainly because of her people. In this area live the descendents of the greeks who created the comedy and tragedy of all the main important form of theatre practiced also today.  All the children who attend school in these areas are made familiar with the basic of theatre and acting. For the adults the vision of  life as an eternal drama is attached into the bloody cells. The philosophy that life without enjoyment is not real life is also very much cultivated and developed since long times.

12 thoughts on “In Neaples it’s like being in India

    1. One ofthe cause of this energy you are saying is found in the ancient roots of Italy as land of farmers and people who used to have a thorough knowledge about the mother earth and her rythmic play ~ it s truly magical and it is auspiciously stuck into the “genoma” of them creating an inviting atmosphere all around the country itself

  1. I have been quite fascinated by Italy – By various sources like the land of Ferrari & Valentino Rossi, by Mario Puzo’s novels and as the land of the cheeze pizza.

    Recently read somewhere that the common Italian is like the common person in any other country – very hospitable, extremely courteous and loving. Also that the italian politicians are like politicians anywhere else – corrupt, self-centred and unscrupulous.

    But seriously, where do you live? I remember you telling me that you live in an island in the Greek Archipelago – Axinia lists you as Radha in Hong Kong. And now you are in Neaples!! The proverbial global citizen?

  2. Life without enjoyment is not real life. It sounds like I might belong in Neaples. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Radha. It is so wonderful to be enriched by what other fabulous folks are doing out there.

  3. I too think that Italians and Indians share a lot of things in common. It was really funny to see a flash pres. that says why Italy is different from rest of Europe! And in some time, the same was adapted to why India is different from rest of Asia!

    Destination Infinity

  4. DI i d like to see this flash press too!

    Raman yes i lve in HK now. we went to Neaples and surroundings last Xmas to visit my mama & family – they live 30 Km by boat from neaples.

    hi Molly, enjoyment is a must isnt it? wherever we are!

  5. Radha, I love Italy. Sometime back I mentioned my affinity for Naples to an online Italian friends, but they were kind of evasive and suggested there were other beautiful places too. I have heard a lot about Tuscany, must visit someday.

    Besides, I love Italian movies, they are so authentic. In fact, I prefer Italian to all other …even Bollywood 🙂 And my friends too enjoy it.

    No doubt what you say is true.

  6. hi swaps, in reality neaples is the soul of Italy. one day people around the world will understand italian essence thru the people who are coming from the south especially.

  7. What ‘s the “secrets” of Italians ? The designer clothes, Ferrari, they are charming, stylish, like to dress up but don’t seem to have big ego. Even one lives like a beggar might have a big ego. I was told that despite the high unemployment rate(20 yrs ago), they don’t live life in misery and worry much.

    1. is there any secret with italian? but yes they don’t live life in misery, they love dignity and sweetness of character essentially.

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