Cities, sense of belongings, ashram lifestyle, cultures: the way they fit

We are definitely getting closer now and do not need to sit down together for a dinner to feel this closeness. It is just happening, some people may still not be aware but this beautiful & colorful train is spinning to such a velocity where even the stars  are collaborating. We are now able to feel the universe with all its problems and all its wonders! One of the most excellent training  to this ability was certainly given by Mahatma Gandhi and the creation of the Sevagram Ashram during his lifetime. “People, he felt, should not tolerate each other and their differences, but learn to respect, understand, accept and appreciate each other.” – writes Arun Gandhi grandson.

It is exactly what it is in town for example where people are no more tolerating each other because they now want to connect and embibe the goodness of other cultures: it is a different process which can transform oneself into a new personality sometimes very different from before.


5 thoughts on “Cities, sense of belongings, ashram lifestyle, cultures: the way they fit

  1. yes they do. the article is mentioning especially teh city i live in which is becoming a mix of culture and people cannot resist to integrate them well. in the past it was different, people coming from diverse background were just tollerating each other without showing any pure interest in what this was about. today it seems to be not like that anymore because people are becoming more intelligent and open minded so they genuinly want to profundize others culture.

  2. very interesting thought..people should stop tolerating, rather start know strangely most of our relationship begin and end with toleration, one where begin to tolerate because of the things we want from the relationship, and then when we get all we want from it, it becomes no longer tolerable..very interesting thought..I think its gonna stick like a gum to be chewed in my head for some time now

    1. yes it s true what you commented here, that we begin in one way and we end to another side: this happens only when people do not trust each other though.

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