Munich airport: you can spend hours and hours in it


As it happened to us a couple of weeks ago: 9 splendid hours here where there is so much to do, to see, to enjoy, to relax. Of the nine hours  about six spent at the Toy shop from where we left with two enormous bags filled with wooden made gifts and six cartoon boxes of table and card games: Carcassonne, Verflixxt, Lego 3 in 1, two Memory, Labyrinth, Genial, Mistigri.  Last Saturday our friends  had to spend the nite over because at 4 a.m. we were still playing! 🙂



Anyway why the Airport in Munich is super?



  • There are numerous spots at all floors where you can help yourself with hot/cold tea (3 styles/flavours) and coffe and milk .
  • You can shop for chocolate, jam, tea and all other kinds of goods.
  • If you like toys that shop is really great and we found their prices (especially LEGO) more convenient than in Hong Kong.
  • Central areas where to relax on sofas or play card or plug in your laptop although connection is not available at each spot.
  • Massage chairs!
  • Shower and lounge opened 24 hours.
  • Design, architecture: fresh and comfortable.
  • Enticing & colorful commercial posters.




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