6 thoughts on “Where is God in America?

  1. It all sounds like a conspiracy theory against separation of church and state. All the stuff in the video is in line with removing church from politics. Already the far right is a headache, and this video is quite the propoganda for the far right.

  2. a friend sent me this video. how would it be possible to remove the divine from the political and society matters? it is so amazingly clear that god is all parveding, moving our minds and actions.

  3. Dear Radha, you are 100% correct. However, the reason why secularization is good is because non-realized souls use god to justify politics. That is why balancing the influence of church in politics is important in the USA. In the USA (where I live!) there is a big fanatic movement to add church to politics (Church, not God). This video is a good example of a propoganda video for this extreme group called “religious right”

  4. this video is definitely not useful for realized souls. i understand it better now. it shall be removed from this blog..! thank you 🙂

  5. Hi Radha,

    You can keep the video up – this discussion in the comments is educational. My intention was to clarify, not to have you take the video down.

    Much love, T

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