Selfcontrol, organization and industriousness to live longer



Self control, organization and industriousness have been identified as the three most important aspects for an individual to develop in order … to live a longer life! ~ is inspiring me the Indian Express to confirm the same few aspects strongly interconnected from a different (plus speedy!)  point of view:

Self control: when you have filled your character with an amazing quantity of it you will be your own master in all situations and environments. It is not yourself which is in charge of yourself, if your mind is spreading wide and brilliant enough, you will be ready to admit the importance of your inner spirit and find the way to let this infinite spirit to eternally take control over you. Be subtle in selfcontrolling!

Organization: Everywhere you travel and with whomever you share time, the words will fall at the right moment and actions at the right place. Being organized is not so boring; instead it is like an invisible line which connects everything you do under a common meaning. As a consequence you will get an integrated personality and the organization of your life chapters will be completely harmonious and clear. Everything happens for good.

Industriousness: It has to do with creativity, the ability or better the quality which makes people capable of something great and really interesting, useful and beautiful, advanced and simple. Being industrious is a must nowadays at all levels.

3 thoughts on “Selfcontrol, organization and industriousness to live longer

  1. I guess it is a matter of experiencing. See the consequences (in termsof growth), if they are 100% positive also thanks to being oganized and selfcontrolled then it means these attitudes must be kept. At the contrary, if disorganization and lack of self control lead you to 100% of positive experiences daily, and yu feel you are really growing out of them too, it means it is better to be disorganized and without self control. Now there is also another thing not mentiond in the short article: discrimination. Meaning to know exactly well the difference between positive and negative experiences and also what do you mean for “growth”. How far do you want to grow and in which direction.

    the line for self control is drawn by inner abilities, like inbuilt radars which automatically tell you how and when to control your SELF.

  2. …”what do you mean for growth” & “how far do u want to grow nd in which direction”: these 2 were questions to be read: “what do you mean for growth?” & “how far do u want to grow nd in which direction?” (forgot to put the “?”) 🙂

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