How long can you stay on the phone?


I like to wonder. In fact i am mostly surrounded by people (hubby included) who can spend more than one hour at the telephone! It seems really trendy in these era-of-communication time. I only use the telephone to tell the time during an appointment or invite someone, practical quick things and I could never see myself talking about  e v r y t h i n g  and e v r y o n e   on a phone, it s time wasted, in my mind. When at high school for 5 years i used to receive the punctual daily call of a dear school friend who, not happy of the time spent at school chatting, was even longing to talk to me again after the school day. But i was so compassionate towards her that always accepted her calls and gently listened to her things which were pure routine. Maybe she just needed someone to listen to her. But afterwards the destiny always kept our paths so far away that the daily calls spontaneously came to zero.

Probably because these people are not completely empty inside and need to throw out all the bargain of thoughts and considerations in forms of phone chats.

Moreover a chat call is a one to one conversation, it is not something collective and directed to a group or a mass, which i find much more exciting and nurturing definitely.


5 thoughts on “How long can you stay on the phone?

  1. My Airtel cell provider cuts the call every one hour. This is some mandatory regulation it seems. But I rarely reach that level. But with close friends I could, once in three months maybe. But after the call, we do regret that the call could have been shorter. So, Keep it Short and Simple is the best mantra to follow 🙂

    Destination Infinity

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