Urban design: how to plant flower blossoms in the metro

Hong Kong thought it and did it simply sticking gigantic panels with flowers onto the walls of each station of an entire metro line. A flower and a color for every station. Here’s the sunflower stop. How genuinly cool and creative from 1 to 10 is this invention? What do you think? I d love to hear some opinions out there..!




5 thoughts on “Urban design: how to plant flower blossoms in the metro

  1. a superb idea, however I sense that sth is missing. the colors used are not so vibrant, vivid and natural as one would imagine.don’t you think?

  2. maybe…but i have to warn u that the city out of the metro is already TOO vivid with all its lights and contrasts of colors. So would you like to keep them plane and rest your eyes before gettin out of the station or still like vivid everywhere???

    1. i just wish the most calming soothing metro sorrounding for the daily commuters, not just for Hong Kongers, for all megacities dwellers….thanks

  3. it could be the key! since city people spend lots of time in public transportation they should keep them very soothing and energyzing.But no,on teh bus/metro tv screens play ads, slidin doors arecovered with ads again,…it s just too much,all kind o ads overcomeyour brain,even if u look down on the ground there wil be carpets of colorful ads and commercials. /:

    1. i think nobody wants to spend waiting time standing in a smelly narrow box with tons of advertising posters on grimy tiled walls…. Most subway systems of modern cities tend to be filthy and rather dull from an aesthetic point of view

      but here in Istanbul (surely a much different culture)rather dull. dirty:(
      on the other hand, there are surely much more beautiful/convenient/calming subway systems in the world
      Washington:user-friendly and good looking architecture
      Metros with noteworthy collections of public art in the stations: brussels, stockholm, montreal?!
      metro painting/art can be delightful, inspiring and thought-provoking for daily commuters as well as an attraction!

      Furthermore, there is evidence that vandalism diminishes in appealing stations because works of art and good designs are widely respected!!!
      hence, i wish more sunflowers, lillies at every metro
      thank you for this wonderful topic

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