Who is the pure gentleman?


From Confucius views:

A man who takes no thought for the distant future is sure to be beset by worries close at hand.

I suppose I should give up hope. I have yet to meet the man who is as fond of virtue as he is of beauty in women.

There is nothing I can do with a man who is not constantly saying, “What am I to do? What am I to do? ”

Men spending all day together merely to indulge themselves in acts of petty cleverness without ever touching on the subject of morality in their conversation are sure to be in difficulty!

The gentleman has morality as his basic stuff and by observing the rites puts it into practice, by being modest gives it expression, and by being trustworthy in word brings it to completion. Such is a gentleman indeed!

The gentleman is troubled by his own lack of ability, not by the failure of others to appreciate him.

What the gentleman seeks, he seeks within himself; what the small man seeks, he seeks in others.

The gentleman is concious of his own superiority without being contentious, and comes together with other gentlemen without forming cliques.

The gentleman does not recommend a man on account of what he says, neither does he dismiss what is said on account of the speaker.


One thought on “Who is the pure gentleman?

  1. Interesting views. Some day, I want to read a more exhaustive list of quotes by Confucius. There is another one I want to add (Definitely not by Confucius I guess): “God makes man. Taylor makes him Gentleman” – I found this outside a taylor’s shop. Talk about respecting their professions! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

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