Last few weeks have been boundlessly inspiring

Where are you looking?

Find the true beauty in your heart

Put your hand on your heart

and feel your beauty on the fingers..


hand&paint: this artist fom Shanghai, her name Coin Qian, made me wanting to paint faces these weeks so most of time was spent in this way. Maybe i’ll put on here some of the portraits and drawings already finished (watercolor and pastels mainly). Did some fabric painting experiment too. I have lots of attention for handcraft things, it was always like that and i am meditating on them too.

dance: we are ready for preparing a dance based on bharatnatyam fundamental steps and present it thru the Indian consulate to an international festival which will be held outdoor next month on the highest peak of the city.

shopping: I’ve been shopping mainly for my husband because Autumn is a little bit chillier than before and he needs some new clothes. we keep a gift drawer in the living room, yes it s completely filled with small valuable gifts  especially tailored for young girls and women. Lately ithas been opened back and forth many times, let’s see who are the fortunate one close or faraway. We are making a full cd set of traditional and ethnic music plus artistical dvd of movies and musicals which are labelled as soul high-nourishing: these sets will be promptly send out to friends living in Nepal, Vietnam and Myanmar.

This is all about a thin slice of metropolitan lifestyle.



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