Swimming at P resort (ideal vacation)

These weeks have passed by swimming in an ocean of Patience, the water is warm at perfect temperature, it s simply awsome, it seems like being on holiday on some wonderful island surrounded by pure nature and only few ho uses. That’s why all the recent posts about travelogues in islands, flowers and so on, now i am getting it! =)

Joking aside Patience is the best, the more you have the more you want to have, it s like becoming so greedy for it and things and people around come to built just  the ideal scenary for you to get more of it. Maybe it s perspective, maybe its destiny, maybe it s fanatism, maybe something else, but P feels badly cool, why.  Because:

You dont move, you just keep patient waiting all the time. If you are bing like that for real and not just by talking you cant dream of anything fantastic that immediately it becomes true.

You dont mind: whatever happens, whoever comes and goes, what people  say, what people do because P is there pampering you all the time much better than 2 weeks vacation at the resort. It lasts forever and it grows grows and pampers, pampers, pampers your personality…

You cant go wrong with choices and decisions because they are fully supported by P, you cant be disappointed because P is growing so big that makes you happy&fine everytime.

So what do you say about jumping in the Pool and swim in for the years to come? Jump!!!!!






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