Pudong at a glimpse ~ Shanghai between fairytale & wilderness

I cant stop watching the waterfront and with the fairytaling mind I got immedaitely jumping back with the fantasy of a little girl. In the very same point i was also posing for a pic with friends few minuts ago stories and legends at the Pirat of the Caribbeans style were taking place during the Thirties. It is not long long long time back. Today we have among us personalities who were even born in the Twenties or before and still they have so much to teach and tell us before departing. A century is nothing comparing to the huge surprises the history of the whole humanity is preserving for us.

Going back to the spot from which i am observing the waterfront whose location is “the western bank of the Hangpou River”, the river that splits Shanghai in two parts, each of them charged with itsw own original history, characteristics and modern features. From here, Puxi, i am watching Pudong, the eastern bank, the one which makes me feel in the movie of the pirates. But they were not from Caraibi, they came from France and England to spend their wild weekends in bird huntings and gaming. They were also the protagonists of the most trafficated sea trades of the century between Europe and China. There was a British Consulate one time and foreign firms. European buying lands and building their colonial residences. They  used to call this area The Bund. It replaced in luxury style the stinky path of crewmen and company.

Do you see the colonial buildings in the picture? They are all banks and hotels. Do you see the streets between each building? They are still desolate and smell horrible especially at night when the today residents of the old buildings behind “the colonial line” come out to sell oily fried-at-moment-food of all kind, animals, fruits and vegetables. I even saw Arabians young guys selling slices of their traditional gigantic cake of dates and dont know what else.

I kept walking to escape the smokes of food and motors blended and saw little children left alone sleeping or playing on cartoons on the edge of the sidewalks. This is only the night scenary of downtown Shanghai. During the day it is another story, the one of the girl picturing old film fantasies. Another way to be also child without being a child.



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