Seventies generation’s infancy in Hong Kong

There are testimonials about childhood I have been collecting in these almost three years of living here. With all the Italian brothers and siss from the Seventies we believe that this is the strongest (iron made, we laugh about it) generation that the CenterSouth of Europe gave birth to. Infact future will give excellent results. But just to be in the present, my favourite game, while getting along with these Chinese born in the Seventies like me, will tell you what was special about their childhood in the ex hubbub of the city. A majority of them where living in collective houses or better collective floors made of several rooms (one for each family) and one bathroom for the sharing. Kitchen usually included into the room. Eating snacks in the street was fun and there were no shops: the vendors used to have a wheeled cart and sell red bean sweet congee, pineapple dessert, sugar jelly especially for the kids. The best was the possibility to playwith a ball in the open spaces. A friend said she used to play ping pong with the mates living next door in this way: sitting on the floor and using the edge of the main door as the net, so one kid was sittend inside home and the other one outside in the corridor of the main floor. How fun!  Playgrounds were simply funrnished and they loved to run and jump all around. The kindergarden was usually prepared in the ground floor of their home building where all the children spent several hours in the daytime while somebody watched them. At the school they all received basic knowledge of music, playing an instruments that today has often not gone forgotten. Some girlfriends one time were complaining about the educational support they received in the school. Gymnastic was not so playful and organized with attention as today.

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