Being surrounded by beauty is not so obvious where we live

Everytime I see a spectacular and beautiful building rich in vibrations I feel reborn. Everytime I see fatiscent or poor in style and beauty buildings I have to struggle and try to ignore the energy they emanate. Where I live for example there are very few if no one great architectonic testimonials. There is a modernity which is brought to an excessive end and an unbelievable lack of true beauty. That kind of beauty of a building which is drenched with gravity, importance and elegance. It seems that these real beautiful examples of edification only belong to the past times. I feel much more satisfaction into the eyes and heart while looking at old and well mantained constructions than to the more contemporary and new ones we use to walk around everyday in our busy cities today. How lucky are you? Are you surrounded by true beauty in your place? Or do you have to travel on a trip to see them? 

[photo by photopoetry]


12 thoughts on “Being surrounded by beauty is not so obvious where we live

  1. How right you are…

    So often we ignore what is in our backyard and travel round the world in search of beauty.

    Everyday, I pass amazingly beautiful buildings but who has the time to stand and stare.

    It is that rare day when I am not rushing that I see from my office cabin window and admire these century old beauties.

    They exude a different type of charm.

  2. I am very lucky to live in Vienna, this one of the most veautiful cities in the world!…
    Most of the buldings are very enjoyable, full of harmony and eathetics. On can breath a differen air in that surronding. Apparently, Russian reaserchers found out that children who grew up among the beautiful architecture (buildings with carvings, etc.) tent to be more intelligent that the ones from the “grey boxes” district.

  3. though I am not as lucky as Axinia, I find mumbai to also be a beautiful city – it is very old and has a lot of Victorian Buildings…with those little pigeons sitting between pillars & other arches.

    those high ceilings, beautiful natural ventilation, majestic facades, mammoth pillars – they just take my breath away.

    imagine the creativity of the architect and imagine the hardwork and sincerity of the workers to create such master pieces…

  4. hi dear all =) yes it is becoming more and more important the place where we live. today people ‘s eyes want to be pleased too. I think all of you above live in places with a certain beauty always to look at. Where i am the real beauty can be the sea side, the waterfront, the piers but the buildings are too young and with no history. my flat was built for ex. 3 years ago. all of you pointed out their age. so it s like in the people, one look (kind of) more beautiful and interesting when older 🙂 i have been to Mumbai and Vienna they are differently amazingly beautiful. Mavin and Suda i forgot where do you live?

  5. The pictures were really nice. The importance we people have given to architecture and painting from time immemorial is indeed amazing. But it is sad to notice that, in this fast paced world, no one has the time or liberty (if i can use that word) to stop and wonder such marvels. We are more concerned about the carpet in our house than a big Victorian building on the way (Beautiful picture, Raman). That speaks a lot about how selfish we have become in this fast paced technological rich world.

    Destination Infinity

  6. At least trying to emulate this kind of beauty by choosing a carpet for the living room is a nice step towards good taste, what do u say Destination I.?

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