What about the handicraft in China? Interview with a Chinese

We are comfortbly sitting at a casual Japanise dining place in front of plates of orientalized pizza, spaghetti, salad and hamburger. I am feeling a little bit down after a veery slow day at work but I also want to awaken myself and have a good time for the evening. My interest for all about China is growing and growing so  the conversation interview perfectly finds its place. And the main subject is economy.

Q: Do you think China could easily shift the industry from machine made to handi craft made one day?  

A: It is not so easy. The market has its own rule at the moment and it answers to the need of the people. One thing is that a machine can produce much more pieces at the same time and sell them at a cheap price. Handi craft products made in the same amount of time would be much less in number and at a certain point the level of hand made and machine made would result exactly the same. People do not have the capacity to discriinate and they are very cheap so they prefer to go for cheap things. Another thing is that on this planet we are too many, that is the most important reason why the cheap market has developed so fast, because it has to make everybody happy with goods. If we would be less in number the handicraft market could develop much easier and people would appreaciate it a lot.

Q: Cinese are so intelligent, why dont they understand that handi craft is much more valuable and could be exported anyway?

A: It is not a Chinese matter, it is a human matter. Human beings are from inside not satisfied. They like to have more and more and accumulate bigger amd bigger things. Their desire for things is unlimited and will always be. They cannot control it. Once they gain something they immediately things what is to be gained nextly and so on, with no limit.

Q: I am surprised because with their artistical patrimony they could make unique things. Why did they loose this ability so fast? I mean I have seen it a lot in Europe, people trust their artistical abilities much more and they make an effort to sell them but becuase they understand the artistical value in them. 

A: It is not so much related to the art. Chinese were very poor and pure but the Western idea came to tempt and deviate them. For example if you dont know the taste of an ice cream but one day somebody comes to you with an icecream and you try it, you will never forget how good and tasty it was so you start to desire the ice cream and work hard to get it you too. This is what happened here. People from the west showed how good it is to have a big house and all other comforts. Human mind is like this, it becomes immediately attached to something new and strive to obtain it. Now Chinese are becoming more dependent on things that they never had before.

Q: There must be something wrong in the character then. China is known as a fortress of dharma. How come people have been illusioned so quickly? Didn’t they feel that they must have a strong personality which cannot be subjugated like that?

A: It is part of the human nature to be like that. They were not aware of their treasure. That is why an inner awakening is important. Individual understanding of the self. This is too important and it seems in these last three years people are starting to realize much more that before.



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