Urban life: the job perspective

I work full time in a city of 9 millions inhabitants.

Hong Kong life in all its aspects rotate around your work. Usually here you see the beautiful clair cblue sky with cloudy shapes in the morning for the time you take to arrive at your workplace. Afterwards you can see again the same beautiful sky for an half hour during the lunch (because the other half hour you will sit somewhere at a table eating). Finally when you come home you can enjoy a great sunset from the vehicle on the way back home unless you take the MTR, underground.

Urban lifestyle is not that light and when you are home at the end of the day you feel like an angel who has been flying all day and now only wants to rest his wings.

Interesting aspects of the urban life connected to your job:

  • you always keep a wide eye open on the global economy and the local economy of many countries. there are many opportunities to talk and hear about it during discussions with friends.
  • you meet up with people who tend to be dynamic and active, travel quite a lot and share news and facts from different places they have visited. A first hand updating of what’s going on somewhere else.
  • All your activities other than working are available only during the evening and in the weekends. Meeting of family and friends also. It is rigorous to hace a schedule and fix a time for any meeting. When you see somebody you know in the street or somewhere spontaneously it is always a surprise but you know there must be a connection because among 9 millions of people…
  • I heard of many women who get “bored” or “depressed” when they do not have a job. How is it possible? Especially here people get this wrong idea that to not be on full time is not good. I would have hundreds of good things to do even without a full time job and I say it is exactly the same. When we get too attached to our money-job we start to see it as indispensable. But at the essence a job is meant to:

Keep yourself balanced and emancipated. Stimulate the creativity, the ability of problem solving, the capacity to make new contacts and engage in new friendships. Have fun during your day, find new methods, watch your mistakes, improve what’s good, see your limits and open new doors in your minds.

Who is lethargic by nature will usually talk about tiredness, who is more active will talk about create new opportunities.  Overall it is a matter of character, attitude and inner balance. When teh attention is still inside you do not consider too many aspects of your job, you just enjoy it and treat it as a respectful opportunity, a holiday of the spirit with a great aim.



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