Blogging: artistical angle of it

I know, I know always talking about art art art here in BI, am i Italian for real!? It is several weeks I wanted to say something about blogging and finally i got pushed with inspirative reasons. I will list few artistical reasons and rememeber you to take care of your blog as you would of a precious and unique piece of art that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Similarly to any piece of art, a blog is made out of certain materials and colors, ceramic, argilla, glass, crystal, precious stones, metals, copper, acrylic, pastels, tempera, watercolor. Any combination does mirror your character and personality, completely hand made, it is not a Made in China product, it’s not fake. You are the artist: chhosing the template, the font, when to post, what subject, it is all arranged by you. By the way sina blog, a Chinese platform has a very beautiful template, Birth of Venere by Botticelli and i played with it wanting to start a pure Chinese blog (totally kidding). 
  • The art is in your words, in their meaning, in their strenght, in their originality and creativity. For each post you can use thousands of different words depending on the topic and on the target. Some posts will be directed theorically to any person, some others to a more restricted group of people. You are like talking to the people, so you have to arrange the words in the right dosage and quality, just like an artist completing a very nice artwork.
  • A good artwork transmits real feelings: so it is the passion and the meaning flowing thru the blog. Certain blogs are fresh and light, others lost in words, others meaningless, others empty and copied. Each blog gives a specific feeling to the readers. It should be the same feeling communicated if in person.
  • The art of selling your artwork:  meaning the way of being intelligent, cool, funny, positive, smart, alert, careful in what you propose and the way of organizing the contents for the blogosphere. See the response afterwards.
  • Playing like kids has got art in it: the blogosphere gives you the opportunity to play literally. To appear and disappear, to surf here and there, to post 5 times in one day, to not post for 5 consecutive days and so on. To start a new blog and delete an old one, to have more blogs at the same time. Everything is so clearly playful. i can also see art in all these movements and times.



5 thoughts on “Blogging: artistical angle of it

  1. Nice post. Indeed, we missed the artistic side of blogging…. Maybe because creative writing as a form of expression has just been introuced by blogging, we have not able to see it that way earlier. But the pleasure of churning out a work of creativity for a creative person like a sculptor or painter ought to be same for the blogger too. Thanks for pointing to this aspect of blogging.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Thank axinia!

    Destination Infinity do you mean that the creative writing has started later in the blogs? People stick more to reality in their blogs in general but i see many like to create stories too. My first blog for example was completely based on short creative writings ~~ thanks for stopping by! r

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