Idea of reincarnation is just simply an idea?

Today is Typhoon signal number 9 in Hong Kong so we are at home since morning, we can’t go out. We watched The Forbidden Kingdom. The main idea of this movie is that people continue to exist and come back and forth from one dimension to another. Even before i ve been wached many others movies with this concept inside. Reincarnation is something really cool. I saw that this movie has been realized by a Chinese and Western cooperation. The main character who fight the enemy into 2 lives is a western actor but most of the movie takes place in the Chinese countryside and Imperial ancient buildings with plenty of special effects too.

Going back to the reincarnation, a concept dear to the Eastern countries I got the feeling that also in America and Europe people are starting to take it in consideration. Myself i feel like i always knew that the spirit is eternal and does reincarnate, I did not have to read books about it or ask too many questions, I just feel that it is obvious and I am sorry i cannot give any explanation to whom is in search.

Here in China a lot a lot of people practise different forms of Buddhism and they are the ones who believe in reincarnation.  Also the Chinese who are devotees of Kwan Yin talk about reincarnation. It’s fascinating. My late Chinese grandmother told one time for example that my husband is a very old soul which had traveled long time before reaching China and that he was born also in Africa in his second past life. There is book in teh Chinese tradition which is not easy to understand and actually is currently used only by the fortuntellers. This book can tell you about your past lives. So we can see that since thousands of years Chinese have talked about reincarnation.

When i am in Europe it is different and people start to talk more about should i believe or should i not believe, which is a distrctive way of thinking because when we believe in ideas then we become an idea ourselves and the mind is not wide open and clean. When we dont believe in idea maybe it is better but we keep searching for something all the time.

How do people approach “reincarnation” in your country?


9 thoughts on “Idea of reincarnation is just simply an idea?

  1. Hello Radha,

    I hope the typhoon has passed away and you are all safe and sound.

    Hmm…imagine talking about re-incarnation.

    Here in India, it is so natural that people do not need convincing. It is a part of our ethos. Buddhism also accepts the concept of re-birth and I imagined that Chinese who followed Buddhism would accept it as natural.

    I am told that past life regression analysis is also a type of therapy used to get out of strong past imprints…

    Let us come back to this life and live every moment in he present. The past is gone and future is beyond control – so why worry?


  2. Pythagoras, an ancient greek philosopher, the First greek great scholar, taught and died in my land (Calabria, southern Italy); he believed in reincarnation and in a perfect universal harmony, where human souls come back from death, wearing new bodies.

  3. Rebirth is accepted as a very natural phenomenon amongst Hindus, Buddhists and Jains – major religions in India and across many parts of Asia.

    It is not a foreign idea that needs to be taught .Here, in India, as a child grows up, stories from epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata are narrated and the journey of the soul through many bodies is very natural.

    The theory of Karma, which is deeply ingrained in us, strengthens this understanding.

  4. Well, interesting topic, its taken very common in my place, but yet people are very afraid to believe in it, as if u believe in it, then u have to believe in other things as well, which have not so pretty side of it, what if u r to reincarnate and then u cant.. hehe, things like that.

    but yes, its not proven, the physical thing, the transformation, but wht abt the internal reincarnation in the ongoing life, that’s wht we can see and achieve, the incarnation and reincarnation is sth we believe and think but is very strange and yet it stays, and as it shud…..

  5. @ Axinia: i didnt meet her and actually i am searching for that book (title is: Three generations) but everybody is not encouraging me because it will be only in Chinese and even Chinese cannot understand how to use it.
    @Webmaster Mascherato: i forgot about Pitagora! i studied its thinking at Liceo Classico. thanks for reminding!
    @ Mavin: the Karma as directly connected to rebirth, that is truly existing in Indian way of thinking. do you think we can reborn higher evolved personalities without considering the karma at all?
    @ Peter : yes it s good!
    @ Hitesh: “internal reincarnation in the ongoing life” what is it in simple words?

  6. What we are today is the result of our past actions. What we will be in the future is a result of our actions today. This is one aspect.

    The second is – The past is gone never to return, the future is yet to come and therefore, we have no control over it. What we have control over is the “present moment”.

    Now link the two. What you do in the present moment will determine your future and therefore your future karma is the result of present action.

    Therefore, live fully in the present moment and the future shall take care of itself.

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