7 things enjoyed in childhood – new tag

I love my own childhood time too much, I was blessed and cherished all the time by my big sweet family. I have too many good memories, some very very funny and naughty, others extremely outstanding. i d love to write much more about this time of my life lived in a wonderful natural and fantastic environment that for thousands of children today is not anymore possible. For now i will just jot down 7 memories/points as requested by the tag author Axinia.

1. play with lego logs for hours alone in my room and to mother and child with our human sized baby dolls (cicciobello) with my sis and cousins.

2. to pray together with my sis everynight before sleeping, we loved Father’s Prayer and to invent some short spiritual melodies and sing in the dark while already at bed.

3. To make fun with my sis and brothers of strange vocabulary-words listened from the elders (who were speaking a lot of dialect language) and laugh for hours til crying!

4. Houseworks: at aboyt 6 i forced mama to buy a real small bucket completed with wooden table for handwashing of the clothes. I would have washed all the smallest clothes of the family right next to her at the same moment on my own washing-set. I started cooking pasta and dish washing at 9 to help mama who has been always on full time job, loved to do that!

5. dance in the sea water and create real coreographies (for fun) with my girlfriends during the Summertime at our family’s beach resort.

6. Painting with Dad. he was a cartoonist for hobby only and after work he used to allow me to paint with tempera and brush inside the lines of the already drawn characters (they were all from Disney series, we still keep ALL these paintings except the ones he gave out to friends). So i remember how careful i had to be all the time to not colouring out of the lines.

7. To watch Japanise cartoons.

Who would like to do this tag? Maybe santasamudra.


6 thoughts on “7 things enjoyed in childhood – new tag

  1. These are very seet memores – one can feel you had a very happy, fullfilled childhood…no wonder, you became auch a gorgeous grown-up!
    LOVE; axinia

  2. a very funny blog, radha, compliments ^^

    my favourite memories are about all the time me and my family spent on a beach looking at the sunset… pure magic: so I became a sea-addict adult 🙂

    (excuse me for my poor english)

  3. hello roberta,
    i dunno how i came across your webpage. it was on the feed in the sahaj toolbar and i just opened it somehow and saw the photo that is so in tune with tmr’s puja, krishna puja. Just when i’m searching for photos of Shri Krishna. haha. Paramchaitanya working. 🙂

  4. hey jieying so cool u found it! that pic is a mini statue gifted by santasamudra (his link is at the end of the post) cheers my darling, hope to see u in Singapore !!!!

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