I was just chatting with santasamudra who also can feel the divine nectar in the brain. These days an eclypse is coming out, today to be precise, and it is going to be visible about 10% somewhere in Europe and 100% in Cina and Russia. many fanatics mixed up with researchers, you may say and also seekers, went up to Siberia with all the most sophisticated equipment to record the event.

What happen at each human being level, when Eclypse is showing up, is something to be experienced and annoted, like i am doing now for example. When you drive your attention to the center of your being there is something subtly imperceptible which tries to push you out of your nectarious way. You keep going on your way driving yourself towards the center and it happens of course. It is not that you are working for nothing from within. But the most creative thing is that the spirit guides you and all of a sudden the nectar, the divine Nectar, does start showering from inside. It is a feeling. it is a real happening. And i am sorry to have at my disposal insufficient words to explain this fact. So my dear ones enjoy yourself.

bee photo is here: bzzzzzz


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