Donneconlavaligia: Italian passion of the travelling woman

If you cannot read Italian you can always see the pictures and browse a typical blog magazine created by a typical original, artistical and versatile woman mind. The mind belongs to Marina Misiti, cool professional journalist from the Bel Paese with tons of stories and experiences to write and tell you inspired by years of travelling almost everywhere (considering the articles she uploads). So you can also understand why we crossed into this life sporadically enjoying the fun of sharing travelling-materials.

Donneconlavaligia (Womenwithetravelbag) is fascinating because:

  • it straightly and lightly points out the best of slices of places, countries, cities by using pictures and words in a balanced way
  • it summarizes the most important articles written by Marina Misiti in her carrier of journalist and reporter for national well known magazines (many for ladies)
  • it gives fun plus useful tips for different topics concerning the places wher eto go, where to eat, what to dress…
  • it gives tips about travelling and how to travel
  • it is completely open to the internet panorama of other travel/leisure/women topics websites
  • it is creating a net of reportages from other travelling women who understand Italian (and Italian culture in the world i ‘d love to say too) and live abroad
  • it is a great idea of a blog magazine, extremely modern and complete which explores the feminine world from a wonderful perspective

Enjoy here the reportages in Italian by Radha for Donneconlavaligia: 

Fotoreportage from the train from Hong Kong to Beijing

Where to eat in HK: 5 best restaurants

From India of Gandhi to Italy: a long travel for peace

Hong Kong: not only skyscrapers

Hong Kong daily life



2 thoughts on “Donneconlavaligia: Italian passion of the travelling woman

  1. Radha… oh, fantastic! I’m excited to hear you are writing about Donneconlavaligia and me…

    now, let me read and think about this carefully: it’s such a wonderful thing… I’m so happy to know you.

    When I think to DCV blog – but you can read it translated in English by google – I always think to this wonderful (like you!) women bloggers community I met all around the world and to the power of our energy waves… this is magic

    My dear Radha, as I said before — there’s nothing quite so exciting and stimulating than your post for my blog-magazine — I never know where you will go next.

    Much love to you, Marina

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