The tao is here, there and everywhere into the human body

This place is situated in the east part of Beijing. It includes various buildings like temples, the Taoist Institute of Research of the capital, a taoist clinic which recommand chinese traditional methods of healing, the taosit music center which is not as active as before anymore, and some other building all focused on taosim philosophy. When we go to the direct essence and understanding of taoism we realize that Tao is what we already have inside at dormant state into the sacrum bone. Tao can give, once awakened, all the most interesting directions to live fully and feel good.

Walking around these temples i saw many interesting things and could capture a few with my camera. Tao pierces each and every organ we have inside, it passes thru each of the 7 major chakras. Therefore it engulfs of dharma and love each and every cell of our body. Thru the art and the history of this buldings one can notice that each and every chakra is mentioned thru the story of Lao Tze. he knew everything about the mooladhara, the creativity, the rightousness, the compassion, the healing, the natural medicine, the generosity, the wealth, the collectivity, the forgiveness, the self realization and the interior blossoming.

What a master!! he knew everything about the human being who are realized. see here:

decorations: the most beautiful marble made sculptures and paintings which resist well and show all the sweetness and vivacity of the colors. the motif of the spiral is showed everywhere especially when picturing the clouds. the phoenix is the symbol of the maternal essence, ofthe eternal knowledge and womanly wisdom. the dragons are the power of the masculine side.

god: all pervading and multifacetted basing on the highest qualities in life. Chinese inscriptions in front of each god talks about all these qualities which characterize the master era and the master personality. god and goddesses smile, infuriate, bless, greet, give, bestow collness and serenity. A wonderful deep glimpse into the everlasting positive behaviour of one aspect of China. 

tao: is schematically represented by the yin and yang with the segmented parts all around. A game of casuality. a master perfectly melts all the elements and becomes the elements him/herself, knowing when to be water, when fire, when wood, whe eather….


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