11 shots of the fauna behind home

They are all free. It is a marvelous country park which now, after the monsoon period, is shining in its nature and freedom. Monkeys are polite and numerous, butterfly many and colorful, frogs big and noisy, dogs cute and lonely.


7 thoughts on “11 shots of the fauna behind home

  1. HI Abhijeet
    that walkathon looks interesting. did u take the pics from your office window? But it must be really tiring to walk like that for a long time…

    (it seems i hav to be looged into blogspot to leave msg on yr blog)

  2. Hi Radha,

    I was so inspired at that time that I came down and walked with them for a while.

    Its a tiring journey. But it becomes comfortable with the non stop chanting and feeling of devotion.

    You can put comment using anonymous or you can just put your name and URL . No need to login.

    Love and Peace,
    Abhijeet Rajwade

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