Meaning and benefits of body shaping

But it is not only yoga the trend today, everybody is going crazy for fitness too! Movers & shapers, ginnastica dolce, step, aerobic, pilates, sweet yoga ….  boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, old and young ones. Among the facilities of the residential modern buildings for example a fitness room completed with all the latest appliances and equiments plus tv screen is never missing in the project design. What is the art of going to spend hours everyday in a place like that? Probably the art of shaping the body essentially, but it does remain restricted to the individual and his own mind, his own appreciation of him/herself. Because at the end of a training to keep fit, what are you going to give on a collective higher level to this modern society? Your sculptured body is the answer. And then when the same body becomes very old and fading because of the consuming time what ?

These are the promises listed on the website of a fitness center in HK where myself I am going  to have a trial tomorrow and am having fun commenting one by one:

  • Improve muscle tone and strength

Thru bharatnatyam, Indian classical dance, I found out that the muscles work out a lot and that if you don’t have strong muscles you cannot dance at a certain rhythm and make people enjoying of your beautiful performance.

  • Accelerate weight loss

For very fat ones it should be. The best is always to have a middle size / normal body, naturally rounded or squared wherever the innate shape of it does lead to.  

  • Combat cellulite

What is cellulite? A new star discovered recently?

  • Enhance energy and stamina

Here they are probably talking about the flow of the inner energy; Chinese for example call it qi. But for any good fitness guy it is very useful to know that this same energy it Is not handled by him but by another Mother energy, a Matrix of all the energies to say so.

  • Improve relaxation and total well-being

The maximum of improvement in this case is certified from centuries to be on a spiritual level first. If a person walk in a fitness room without feeling his/her own inner self it is always better to take this last step first.

  • Build bone density and fight osteoporosis

Interesting point.

  • Boost flexibility and circulation

The flexibility of the body is an absolutely natural consequence of a flexibility in the spirit and attitude. It is impossible and meaningless to start to work on our flexibility from the gross (body) level. For example the most important central flexibility we should have is at heart level and all the levels where heart is implied.

  • Be able to shop for stylish and comfortable active clothing, fitness and well-being accessories

Ah! You really want to sell me something. Okey let’s see what you got there.

  • Meet like-minded people

This is tricky. People who are too much like-minded end up having their attention only on the same things all the time and it feels like they belong to a circle or a club. They start to email each other the same stuff and go to the same places together everytime. Which is completely uncomfortable and brings the mind towards an exclusive tunnel of no-freedom at extreme cases. Then we also become very boring and unsatisfied for sure as a result.

  • Take a little time for yourself

Once in a while maybe,… but actually we don’t need to go the fitness club to have time for ourselves. We can have time for ourselves even when we are simply sweeping the floor or helping out in a conference. Any moment is GOOD for ourSELF.

4 thoughts on “Meaning and benefits of body shaping

  1. boring but efficient! i am so glad i am keeping going with bharatnatyam classes! you see what i ve realized in this sport center is that there are divine sports and not divine sports and nothing in the middle. I am also preparing a deeper post about this. 🙂 Working out with pure joy and spirituality is the best one can experience!

  2. Healthy eyes: That’s another important benefit of doing Bharatnatyam. If you continue dancing all your life, you’ll never need eye glasses, never have any health problems at all. The steps are so scientifically conceived!
    You are very lucky to have this chance to do Bharatnatyam. I learnt it, along with other Indian classical dance forms – Kathakali, Kathak and Manipuri, as a child, from age 7 to13. What bliss it was! It became a passion, I’ve never enjoyed anything in my life as much. I dabbled a bit again when at university and I was surprised that I could still dance. How I wish I could continue now….

  3. Alpana i am so glad you stepped by here. healthy eyes too? it s wonderful then. I think bharatnatyam does help a lot in developing discretion, infact i am experiencing this by myself. and the eyes are also very close to the discretion center in the uman being.
    Hope you ‘ll keep dancing in the future! Luv, r.

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