Cooking does really make people queens and kings


It is not a joke. Cooking because you love cooking and create food for others is one of the most beautiful and most natural way to expand affection, creativity, protection and joy. You just watch what happens when people are fed; watch how they smile while their stomach, the center of peace and satisfaction, gets filled up. It is almost an amazing miracle. We do not give it the right importance, we forget too often that collecting and then cooking and eventually giving food is an essential process for all humankind. Infact millions of people are suffering and loosing everything (even their lives in certain cases) for the simple reason that they cannot get anybody protecting them thru good, delicious, vibrated food.


Here in HK for example it is very normal to go out and eat at the restaurant. This is the result of the materialism we are all swimming in. Most of my friends do not cook, they say they don’t know how to do it or they have no time or it is just to follow the flow and sit at a stranger-table in a stranger-different-place every time. They do not think about the consequences for themselves and for their family. See the blessing of having been raised up by an Italian mother and an Italian grandmother together.


To me the principle of the grand mother, the great mother, is very simple, it is all here: protect the people thru your food. I could find many a reasons to convince any girl to do that but it would be a waste of time because the love for cooking comes with the respect for the inner self, especially in a woman. It is just automatically. You can also have a full time job, like me, and enjoy a daily cooking anyway. You can find the time to go to the market and shop once or twice a week and secure a tasty meal to your dear’s at home. It is really possible. Women are not aware of their powers, they think it is about time and other things but it is not, it is all a matter of desire, care and nature. When you love somebody you cook for them first of all.


Cooking at home is like fuel of divine vibrations. It is an action so elevated and relaxing. You will have no thoughts while you are cooking, or at worst you might think about what other people like, how to please them or let me ask if they ever had this food before… Little things which are like little precious logs nurturing the roots of the human relationships. I know guys, men, who are also very good at preparing meals. Their eyes are just unbelivably beautiful; they have such firm and soft personalities at the same time. All my admiration to these today exceptions. But a queen is a queen. (There is an old said that the realm of a woman is the kitchen).


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