Verses in marathi

Marathi is a marvelous language, the more you will speak it the more your subtle system will open and strenghten. The cell of your body do know marathi already at a level of pure knowledge.

Bramha Shodhile, Bramhand. Mirlale.

Ai, Tujhiya Dhami

Janmojanmachi Punyayi Az. Ali Majhiya Kami

Ai, Tujhiya Dhami

I was searching for Divine vibrations/Mother, on Your doorsteps/All the accumulated righteousness of many a birth has today been put to proper use/Mother, on Your doorsteps…


3 thoughts on “Verses in marathi

  1. Hi Radha,

    I am really amazed by seeing the information about variety of cultures from all over the world.

    How can you manage it?

    Please guide us also.

    Love and Peace,
    Abhijeet Rajwade

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