Don’t suffer: go for the truth

Hey we are not the first to suffer fortunately here in HK city! I know these big commercialized events were showing everywhere in the west countries too in recent years. And now recently of course it is HK turn too! Pure money lovers can’t wait! A new sensational blast for the economy. And how about the economy of the brain of all the people who will attend the event?





You might be interested to know more about Yoga. See these valuable points here, they have been written as easy guideline before starting a yoga class.


  1. Is money taken at any time? (the truth cannot be owned, nor can it be bought or sold). 
  2. Do your teachers pressure you like salesmen? (you should know the value of their path by your own conviction, not by the number of books you read, classes you attend, or pledges you make. Truth is not dependent upon salesmenship). 
  3. Can you, yourself, feel the effect of the technique? (do not be satisfied that you will be in an “inner circle” at some time in the distant future). 
  4. Do they clothe you in unusual dress, seat you in strange postures or submit you to wild chanting ? (the truth is not something that has to be attained through strenuous efforts. It is the strength of your desire that counts, not the harshness of their tests). 
  5. Is the new path you’ve chosen dharmic ? (that is, is this a the path of the center, similar to that followed by the sages, yogis, and great men and women of the past, or will it lead to frightening experiences of a subconscious or super-conscious nature ?) 
  6. Are the members of the organization, especially the leader, founder, or guru, people you can trust? (are you comfortable with them? Do they display love and joy? Is their warmth genuine? Is the value of what they are teaching evident in their eyes ?) 
  7. Do you have the freedom of choice to leave or continue? (follow your heart, not your ego. If you have fears or misgivings, give them heed. If you are in doubt or under duress, leave. Do not be bullied.) 



There is a yoga instructor in the 2007 video of the same yoga conference who says: “now yoga is so popular because the divine mother is calling us and engaging us in the work again”…Personally I found this brochure at the reception of the place in downtown where I go to learn bharatnatyam. It is interesting that people are now fascinated by yoga as a “blend” of freedom and awareness. But one thing is to feel this so named awareness inside the brain and become yourself the process of evolution, and one other thing is to do these yoga exercises without knowing the truth all the time. Try to get with discretion to the point of it!

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