Green souls of the world

At the end of this not new article it immediately pops out something interesting in a example of italianity in a woman. Sonia Gandhi was commenting how beautiful and deserving of peace and protection the Kashmir valley with the tulip as distinctive flower is:



“Kashmir has been our holiday destination for generations”, Mrs Gandhi said about the family memories and an emotional link between the family and the valley. She said Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, Mrs Indira Gandi and Rajiv Gandhi have been finding Kashmir a place where one would automatically get de-stressed from the issues of governance and politics. “I do find it the same way”, she said while talking about the natural beauty, meadows and flowers. “In October 1984, Mrs Gandhi came over here just to see the Chinars”, she said. […]
Mrs Gandhi said Tulip festivals in Netherlands and Canada are an elaborate affair for decades. “But what many people do not know is the fact that Tulip would grow in Kashmir in wild and it was taken from here to Europe almost a thousand years ago. In Europe, it was a rarity and become an instant hit,” she said.


In the heart of this kind of woman there is a tendency to consider the knowledge at the root of anything. It is automatically done by her in all the adequate circumstances. It is also a characteristic of the same man but in the women it is much more visible and determinant. For example during the educational process of the children with an Italian heart they are always invited to go to the source of the things they see and discover. To understand their matrix of matters, events… A mother would immediately point to what originated a toy, a food, a dress, objects of infantile universe. And by the time the daughters grow and the mother also grows, also the derivation’s attention grows towards other stuff which are more complex and useful to the all community. Infact Sonia Gandhi is simply linking the original home of a flower to the beauty and importance of a land called Kashmir.


All women raised in certain cultures surely are precious caskets of specific qualities. One way to become a global personality for a woman (but also for a man) is to elevate and blend together all these gems within and integrate in the brain.


2 thoughts on “Green souls of the world

  1. This is from around Canajoarie, east coast of America, a couple of years ago. i was lookin for some nice picture from Kashmir or of tulips but only had this one on hand at that moment. 🙂

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