Take to a “communist” attitude: you won’t be disappointed by yourself

HI! dear reader this post is especially made for the ones who did not grow up in the areas of Asia wich have been defined communist countries in general. I dont have another term other than this to express few important meanings linked to this attitude. Myself i was raised in a so called “democratic” environment and suddenly now after only 2 years of spending 100% of  time wih Chinese i realize how positive it is to develop a personality whch is intelligently far from democratic views. There are some aspects that should be borrowed from communism and inglobated so to have a smooth and comfortable lifestyle.

Always talking privately with few people: this attitude at the end leads to isolation and incapacity to develop a wider and opened mind set. Try to put yourself in situations of collectivity in a position of listener, receptor by watching and getting pleasure from the watching. Chinese have this good habit/mood that only one person talks at a time: this does not create confusion and mess and encourages the respect among people. This attitude should not be forced but should come into the character spontaneously because it is surely already innate in all human beings.  

Being faithfull towards others and showing trust for them is not that bad. It will put you in a very comfortable point of view where others will take decisions instead of you and you will be happy about them. There is no need to express our own opinion all the times. We are all the same, there are people who can represent exactly your ideas and visions even without asking your thoughts directly. We are entering a time of collective consciousness where individualistic moves are  destined to roam towards the periphery of the societies. It is a more mature way of being that saves a lot of energy and time. At this level Chinese for example are very mature and smart. Wanting to comment everything with our friends, pairs and within a goup does mean that our ego is going to take control over the situation and that we are quite stupid too, unfortunately not brilliant and enlightened: see if it is true or not… 

5 thoughts on “Take to a “communist” attitude: you won’t be disappointed by yourself

  1. Actually, you’re wrong. Communism stamps out the rights of the individual and kills the creative spirit. Democracy isn’t perfect, but on balance, it’s the best way to ensure the rights of the one or the few, while advancing the needs of all. Even the Chinese aren’t Communist anymore. They may have cultural traits that resemble collectivist actions and viewpoints, but the fact that they’re embracing capitalistic practices–and the fact that Communism fell in most of the rest of the world almost twenty years ago–is all the proof you need. Even the Chinese are sick of it.

  2. That is right but the post is just referred to an attitude or few traits of the human character which i cannot find other term other than communist to refer to. thanks for the historical brief comment anyway, r.

  3. Radha, you can imagine how much I appreciate your post 🙂
    the more I live in “democracy” the more I understend how great the communists idea is (always have to underline that I mean the TRUE communism which is unfortunately has yet never been establishes on this Earth).

    I guess your knowledge about communism is not backed up with experiences. I wonder from where the belief comes that in Communism you have no creative spirit???!!!?? That is nonsense! In the Soviet time there ahve been created such pieces of art in film, music, baley, etc.. Nothing is there now, since the Capitalism has replaced the old system. The creativity seem to have died in Russia. May be s called creativity for business – yes, it came up. But making momeny has never been the highest human value, isnt it?

  4. Hi Axinia, i would love to meditate (with you possibly) on aspects of “true communism”, not the one that everybody stuffly talks about. there must be something regenerating and very vibrant about communist which high personality can found out and apply to their lifestyle. what do u say? – regarding the creativity what you say it is absolutely correct: i work for the toy industry in China and most of my colleagues are Chinese. They always complain they cannot free their creativity because of the capitalistic rules which manipulate our hundreds of projects. u can imagine how it is.
    Lov, r.

  5. exellent points, Radha!

    I would love to do something about that topic with you! many be we can write a duet-post?

    Anyway I would great to meet in person finally :)) Are you coming to Italy for GurU?

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