(Chinese) Song of the Good Man

The good of the Chinese soul is translated with the desire of being together, working together, doing things together, helping each other. Chinese have this gift to teach to all humanity, this should be printed in our cells. They are such a cool example for all of us. A simple folk lyric goes:

da he xiang dong liu wa
big river flow towards east
tian shang de xing xing can bei dou wa
stars in the sky pointing north
shuo zou zan jiu zou a ni you wo you quan dou you a
say go let’s go,you have, I have, all have
lu jian bu ping yi sheng kong wa
something unfair, help each other
gai chu shou shi jiu chu shou wa
if it’s time to help, stretch the hands to help
feng feng huo huo chuang jiu zhou wa
braving travelling around the nation

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