Dim sum is the magic of one’s hands

We all agree here around our cozy dim sum table of the weekend. it’s a ritual for us to have it in the weekends. dim sum is an excuse to get togheter and see each other, read magazines and laugh between a dish and another. yes here is is teh dim sum: the cute small dishes with all kinds of chinese slurpy and horrible foodish things which make our stomach smiling and full!

why a magic? because each one oif these beautiful little piece is an artcraft, a hand made jewel of humanity foodland. directly from maninland china. do not think that here in HK locals can forge these beauties, i am sorry it is not anymore like that. the real artists are the fathers who grew up in the remote villages and towns miles away from HK and surely they did not attend any Grand Cuisine School for learning how to produce these tasty marvels. it is very easy now in 2008 to guess from whom they learned. of course from their families, mothers, grandmothers, fathers, aunties…this is how an authentic piece of chinese history migrates untill reaching the stomachs of thousands here gathering to the tables of international HK from all different countries to pay omage to the magic of the hands of Mother China. Thank you very much. keep going with the beautiful job and hopefully more young hands will join in in the future! me included (to enrich the passion for cooking).

Wantons, dumplings, tiny egg cakes and jelly sweets: they are all filled and closed up one by one. ther is a kind of bean paste dumpling made of rice gluten from outside and it ‘s shaped in a perfect ball which is finally steamed: they say this is one of he most difficult to make and not every chef is able to creat eit perfectly because of the thin inconsistent layer of gluten that can fail any moment and let the fill from inside come out.

the shripm wanton, deep fried, is another one: it comes sometimes in triangle, sometimes in spheres, sometimes in curly balls. wantons are also steamed and the fill is always different: meat, veggies, seafood combined or alone.

the bicolor jelly is very fresh: a double layer is repeated until having a thick jelly form with stripes: the secret here is to wait until each layer does solidify, it’s the only way to not mix the 2 colors and taste: vanilla and coffe (but they can be of many others). jelly comes in different shapes: heart, squares, stars, up to the chef fantasy.

bread: the best part is that it should be dipped into condensed milk because it ‘s a sweet variety. infact dims sum ia always alternate, usually a table of 7 for example will order about 20 diverse dishes between salty and sweet, warm and cold ones. bread can be filled with nothing or meat and veggie or only meat or egg yolk. it comes hot deep fried or warm steamed.

rolls: innumerable kinds of deep fried or steamed rolls with sesame seeds on top, filled with different things. vegetarian rolls are richin vegs and beancurd sheets outside. they can be dipped in mustard or soy sauce or other sauces. dim sum always comes with several cream or liquid sauce.

wrapping ingredient: bread, gluten/sticky rice, beancurd sheet, fried crust…

unwrapped dim sum includes: balls, minced meat balls, fish balls…, meat rolls / pieces, grilled, steamed, sauced meat, steamed green vegetables, minicakes…

description and photos about dim sum could be endless. plz be satisfied with this little for now. thank you! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dim sum is the magic of one’s hands

  1. I just got home from eating sushi and sashimi and now this to makes my mouth water! Good Dim Sum is great! Steamed not fried and fresh on the cart to the table. I’ll have to go when I’m back in Canada in August!

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