The YoungKong part with no peace in heart


You can meet them in the most crowdie boroughs in Hong Kong like Mong Kok, Tsuen Tsa Tsuei, Causeway Bay. They are the young ones who were born in the city and are going to the high school here. An unfortunate government keeps tempting them with all kinds of entertainments and materialistic offerings within a city which is pullulating with glass windows and shops. The days pass and they are drawing down into a mood which is the real reflection of the main façade of the city. An example of how incisive can be the human destructive power of materialism. They are in their early twenties and very much into smoking, videogames and accessorial symbols (from the clothing to the hairstyle). It is enough to look around to take a perfect picture of their lifestyle: in the metro train, outside the karaoke clubs and at the restaurant during the weekends, when they do not have to attend the school.


For the ones who are very well grounded in the present life and its cool values these youngsters look with no doubt very much disconnected and helpless. In a city where new insights are arriving in all kinds of forms and packaging, even on a more subtle level that the unconscious part of a young brain is not able to recognize and realize. Consequently they do not know how to protect themselves and establish their personality.


3 thoughts on “The YoungKong part with no peace in heart

  1. SImilar to Indian youth – time is spent in doing nothing of consequence. It is sad that they try to establish their individuality by following the herd…

  2. for the very young ones this sad note is probably the common factor in many countries around the globe nowadays. it s like we are going towards sharing similarities but unhappy similarities… i know that in japan, europe, americas, aussie, developing east-asia and africa (big cities) they all get the same things/hobbies

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