Close up onto a alcohol free mind


Everybody knows Italy is very much known around the world for the wine. Some genuine Italians are very proud of that and started also business with this orientation. I grew up in Italy in an island whose Latin name was Aenaria, meaning the island of the wine because of the fact that the old Roman gents loved to cultivate grapes here for alcoholic purposes. This tradition did instill into the mind of many people there and of course of the majority of the ones I was surrounded by too. Cool things happening into an alchool free mind that other people may loose the chance to ENJOY!:


  • Ideas, attitudes & mind structures are not like a dog running in circle trying to catch its own tail. Not drinkin puts people outside of any kind of circle, in a condition of complete enjoyement of freedom of mind and behaviour.
  • Pure desire for doing things with no hesitation is 100% there because the mind is always clear and to the point.  
  • Sense of humor is all the times brilliant, fragrant, nourishing and not stuffed like old wine! TEST: if a person sounds bizarre to a child then that person likes to drink once in a while.
  • Evolution and progress are on the “daily schedule” in their attitude and thinking approach to the world. Evolution and development are not confused between each other.
  • Originality and creativity in what they do is a spontaneous/sahaj must. They don’t sense any routine during the day.
  • Ladies who don’t drink look like the Venere of Botticelli. They are awaken and smart, with full control on their movements and body They never slip down on the floor because they are used to be equilibrate. 


But probably the ones who do not fall into these free minds ocens are an unfortunate slice of the entire humanity not only Italian residents.

When people lives are not transforming into a superior state of grace and fulfillment it comes to freedom of choice. Choice to evolve to a spiritual level more dignified and higher day by day. Or choice of staying miserly happy sipping a glass of wine with the friends during dinners. Try to enjoy yourself with the Wine of Love and Realization. Their taste is unbelievaby sparkling and wise and will give you unthinkable chances in all the levels of the personality. Be in touch with your potential and master it! Wine does weaken all these qualities and possibilities which forever will be precluded to the mind.


One thought on “Close up onto a alcohol free mind

  1. Most of us know the effect of alcohol at ourselves. We use to drink in order to fight stress and to liberate ourselves from our conditionings.

    But we know that there is another way to fight stress and our conditionings- meditation. 🙂

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