People who do not understand their own history do not know their own self

With great enthusiasm i send this video for watching to a dear local friend/colleague because this song is one of the coolest about a Dinasty which itself was one of the best of all Chinese history. Even just speaking about Tang period i can feel in my body the power of this slice of history and this has been confermed by other friends and people who know deeply about Chinese history and do appreciate their roots and all the good spiritual character evoked thru them!

It is an extraordinary thing the fact that each human being can love and respect the history from his/her background because he knows that a part of himself resides in it, a vibrant lively part of his own inner force. Denying or rejecting our history, considered not as a mere sequence of events and happenings, but as a vital and important piece of our soul, is like rejecting our own personality. It is rejecting our name, our birth, our essence. The HISTORY of our precedessor is in our cells, in the veins, we cannot refuse it. We can go beyond it, understand it and accept it but we cannot reject it. It is inhuman to do so. In addition, if it is a respectable and positive memorable time we should know and be very proud of that.

I heard that friend saying “I hate Chinese history” and “this song is scary”. Seeing the meaning of its words a new world opens up to your mind, they are words of power echoing a time of splendor that many Chinese are only dreaming to see back but they are probably doing a little part of what it should be done to make this shining force reviving again. People who tells to hate the history, i dont know where they come from. maybe from a different inaccesible planet which is not on this earth. Perhaps they enjoy to be occluded by their not-historical ignorance.

Sometimes freshness and modernity make this joke in our minds. They create such a confusion of identities that we are not anymore able to understand what we are and why we are here. What is the reason of our life, of our existence. These questions are not anymore difficult to answer to for the same reason that we do live in a modern world now. Exactly those people who are rejecting history are still living projected in the past dimension of the history and will probably play no role in the making of the present and future history of our highly elevated and spiritual humanity.


3 thoughts on “People who do not understand their own history do not know their own self

  1. Hey Radha, I suggest you not to try this again. You are right about everything but you are forgetting that new generation do not like anything which contains words like History, Sanskar, Manners etc etc. I have already faced this and I learned not to spread but preserve my feelings in all possible ways.
    People simply do not want to care.


  2. Another friend said the same: young people are not interested in history, but the friend i am talking about in the post was a mature adult not so young anymore.

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