A toy world

Working in the Toy industry makes me realizing that the way we speak at office for example is totally different, obviously, from the one used in other environments. We are asked to design materials for children, trying our best to be in touch with their way to communicate and understand things. I noticed that the best fiascos of our products are always motivated by the ignorance we project in the toy-planning. Subtle ignorance. There are people who have beautiful degrees in game designing, developomental psychology (myself), social science and so on. But still we have lots of difficulties to grasp the reality of the infancy world. The products very often happen to be complicated and serious just like they are not addressed to a child at all!

Hong Kong is a fantasy city where people daily surf incontrollable waves of fiction almost. It s a toy world where evrything is possible any moment, anywhere: this is the main message thrown out by the government through golden decorated messages. 

In general a toy kind of attitude is investing our daily life. For example the husband says to his wife: “did u finish to play with your toys in the kitchen? meaning “did you end the dish washing” or the auntie says to the child “let me play with my toy now, grabbing her cross-stitching set”. I hear the use of this toy word almost everywhere. What’s going on? It might be:

  • we want to go back to feel again like a child does, we want to rediscover our innocence
  • we want to get more detachment from our daily routine and compare it to a game

If these above are a couple of valid reasons, that s not too bad because the intention and the desire are going towards a positive way.





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