Learn to feel your fingers & be balanced at work

An interesting idea to spread good vibes in corporate environment in a sahaj (yes I love writing it in Sanskrit, you can read it spontaneous in English) way. I work for an international private company well established in EP market. Recently I ve already written about how the HR department makes some assiduous effort to promote wellness and balance among colleagues and departments. It is not an easy task but at least people manifest to give a try to the concern. At least it is a first positive step towards desire of realization. Deep down everybody wants to be realized as a person and we belong to communities which also are projected towards collective realization. But realization is simpler and not complicated as human mind tends to think of, it works spontaneously most of the time and we verily are guided by our dreams in our actions. It is so evident! Can you see that?


So which one is this interesting idea? Insights come from all the seminars about make up, self massage, dance, singing organized at my office by HR. Everybody is seeking to know new methods to balance the stress and the individual mind plus behavior. This is also innate, we naturally go towards integration whenever we are placed on a path of pure evolution and not disintegration or involution and other things like these.


How many people know that they can detect impurities and stress on their fingers? Not everybody. But this science is just amazing and finds its deep root in ayurveda from India. This Asian continent is quite miraculous with all its almost hidden Science that is not yet accessible to EVERYBODY. How can that be possible? People must know they can cure themselves; they can be able to detect whats wrong and whats good with them. Beside this ayurveda is also compatible with the science of the points and meridians located on the body all life studied in China, another great Asian country for these kinds of matters.

Energy, energy, energy, people do not do anything else that talking about and working thru the energy. I read this word everywhere now, on the poster, in the commercial leaflets, it s so energetically good this brainwashing going on here!

On a corporate level, sitting in the peace of their chairs all the modern workers of the busiest cities can start to understand how their fingertips do speak to them. And even when they are at the desk or in a conference, in a meeting or on a train in a business trip they will know how they are feeling and how they can improve their performance and mental state, thru the achieved sensibility of their hands. As practical as it sounds. This is it. The new science of the natural connection with our fingers is unavoidably the great breakthrough for our citylifetyle.  Ayurveda & Yoga are best allied to win over huge bunches of terrible inconveniences and beyond…in your office. 


2 thoughts on “Learn to feel your fingers & be balanced at work

  1. I wanted to share an incredible source on Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of Natural Healing. This site has free educational content, videos, articles, and learning tools. I was amazed to see that this ayurvedic school has online videos of their classes for FREE! … to visit their website click on or copy:



    Rick Roux

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