Why my other friends are not realized & the concern I feel for them


This is one of the heart breaking things for someone who has minimum of concern to see everybody happy and joyous around herself/himself. I meet friends everywhere I go either for job reasons, entertaining ones, other activities… There are plenty of factors which could be found that do not make these people realized in this life. The vibrations they emanate do really speak immediately and talk not beauties or joy very very often. These kind of vibes are also visible thru the face of each individual, thru their attitudes and speaking which travels towards my ears and impacts in some ways my person.


They follow reasons and evidences why these friends are not realized souls or realized people:

  • They talk about everything happens in their life making of small things the most gigantic ones in their attention
  • They are pretty glued to certain people/groups and it is very difficult for them to hang out with others completely different from them for hobbies, languages, ideas, etc, etc.
  • They make a big fuss about beliefs and believing, in the sense that they are looking for something or someone to believe in because their personal structure is too weak from within and helpless most of the times
  • Their face are tense and not relaxed all the time, they seem to live in a world of eternal emergency state
  • They make frequent talks about simplicity  
  • The movements of their body are not fluid and soft
  • They always wear the same “favourite” colors and styles with no originality
  • They easily get nervous beginning to use harsh words sometimes & not mastering themselves
  • They use repetitive patterns of language and communications in similar situations


What to do with these people? Find methods to address them towards self-realization?

How would be possible that:


4 thoughts on “Why my other friends are not realized & the concern I feel for them

  1. Radha, I believe this question is not easy to answer. I have also people like that aroudn – luckily not many, I am mostly very lucky with my non-realised surrpounding 🙂

    The only thing I can see is possible is for each of us to be a good example of that it is – to be a realised person! Sooner or later these people get attracted and want to become same (I have several amazing experiences with my friends in that respect!)… The people should mature on their own, one can not force… Just be the shining star as you are – and one day they will see! Or even if not – it is their own freedom, you know.

  2. Peter’s advice is beautiful to a very insightful post. I could actually recall faces and experiences as I read your post – and to some qualities you mention, I have to admit, I qualify too.

    Reaching your or Axinia’s level or going above that is an eternal inspiration. We should bring about awareness to people and then it is left to them whether they want to travel in that direction.

    Really, some find happiness in the mundanities of life!

  3. hi Raman, my level cud be inspiring but it s truly simple, my life is of a simple kind, just focusing on little daily things from others or from myself, the sources are always plenty. But knowing that the real source is One, probably it makes some difference. And if i am dispensable and i know that One is the source , then everybody is able to know that too. i am sure. maybe in other moments or even in other lives!

    Peter , yes! 🙂

    Axinia, yes we are free to choose it.

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