Real journalism requires vibrant minds at work

The feeling of headaches generated when starting reading journalistic oriented stuff might happen for these reasons:

  • journalistic oriented people put too much informations often recycled and summerized by other works, thus not genuin
  • they emanate vibrations of a mind who is inclined to research everything with no control
  • very often the journalists have weird hobbies and interests related to false knowledge and inexistent worlds and these tendencies can be mirrored into their articles

On the other side when the presentation of a content or topic has got origin from a brilliant and light mind the story is verily different. Explanations and sentences just flow in such a smooth way inside your mind, they do not get stuck and you do not need to read one word or one line more than one time! It is very interesting and bright when they talk for example of human happenings and at the same time make comparisons or parallels with the nature, the plants, the water, the mountains. it shows that they are very well grounded personalities with a well nourished soul.

It is not sufficient sometimes to have a big brain, collect info and read as many newspapers as possible to stay updated! It sounds frenzy, nothing new from the standard educational methods of the big schools of journalism. I mean the world goes on even without them, what’s the use to be so much updated about all different events?  Can they live without reading a newspaper for 24 hours? Or even on holiday the attention is always into those writing stuff? Then we make the excuse that we got inspired by this landascape or by that person to write and entire article about it. Can the inspiration be solely an inspiration without being translated in words all the time nowadays? I just wonder.



3 thoughts on “Real journalism requires vibrant minds at work

  1. yes i also see something in the middle, this plant is at home and blossoms periodically and continuously, she never dries down!

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