Do you want to know how it feels to live on a beach for almost two decades? Read it here

There are many people nowadays who go for holiday in seaside places, in resorts on the beach. Many more are moving to the cities determined to work and live there and see the natural beaches only for vacation because of course in such a materialistic world we live today who is going to choose to stay on a beach for 365 days a year. There are commercials about wireless products and laptops which make people believing that yes they can be in control of their job from an island while sipping a fruit cocktail under a palm tree, arent there? But who would stay settled ona beach for years today? Only the ones who are forced to by the events of life, or who are kind of lost in this universe, let’s’ say.

One time in Jamaica i met an old man who was surviving to the poverty by singing raggae and making straw-hats under a tree all the time. Every morning he would stay under the pal tree crossing the straw leaves. His skin was dark and wrinkled, he said to have been good friend with Bob Marley and to have composed music for him during young years. Who knows if it’s true. But he was a good man, quite a symbol of a life-on-the-beach in a central american country of the past years. He could have been a good friend of my grandpa probably who was able to understand the variations of the weather just by looking at the sky in the morning. He was always right, very knowledgeable about nature and time cycles. It is because he was living and working on a beach for 80 years. His wife the same for 95 years. Their daughter, my mother, the same and still now at 52 in the old century house with one kilometer of peaceful beach in front of it. The beach where her two daughters, my sister and I also spent all their childhood, the adolescence and few more years.

Do you really want to know how it feels to have spent 19 years on a beach? See again the picture above. Then ask it to the sound of the sea waves, to the light of the starry sky every night, to the melody of the seagulls early morning, to the cool grey sand  under the naked feet, to the storm coming thru the wind, to the punctual sound of the anchor released just behind the barrier rock in the harbour. All this is only imaginable for the ones who did not live two steps from the sea. Nurturing, always calm and shallow sea. Just like a real father.




5 thoughts on “Do you want to know how it feels to live on a beach for almost two decades? Read it here

  1. nice post..I have always wished someone hires me for a job by the sea for an year. I feel it’ll be fun. Sea has so much to teach you – hope, hardwork, patience and magnanimity… wonder you make so much sense all the time!! Guided by nature!!

  2. you have a special karma, my dear :)) so many years in different places and always by the sea – this is an ancient ralationship……..

  3. hi all! yes, it’s really great to spend long time at contact with a beach environment, it gives you so much, it awakens the spirit and soothes it every time. water and earth is one of the best combination isnt it? the pic was taken just lat year on teh same beach i am talkin about in teh post. i wanted my chinese siss to enjoy the place as i did in the past: joe in the middle, amy on the right and me on teh left. amy and me are trying to assault the huge floater that’s why joe is covering her face. it was a blasting week we had there!

    this post can be also related to the one of sisterhood written recently cause when u are havin great time in a great place with great sisters/girlfriends…you are touching the heaven!

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