Reviving Chinese force

As i am writing in the last posts here and here with the most auspicious thought that the Tang living force was awakened in all the branches regarding Chinese lifestyle: politics, economy, art and electronics. i am sure the strenght and power which were truly evident thru the acts and the spirituality of all the men and women <worriors> belonging to this memorable time, can revive now and bring China into a new light and more original perspective.

Verses of the song Kindly translated by my mandarin teacher in Beijin:

SonglingJ it’s a cool tasty song!I generally translate the meaning for u!


jianjiaCang cang    bailu  weishuang

蒹葭苍苍 白露为霜

The plain world,the white dew becomes frost

guangxiu piaopiao   jinzai hefang
广袖飘飘 今在何方

the wide sleeve of the gown wafting,now where the person is

jijing cangsang    jidu panghuang
几经沧桑 几度彷徨

how many up and down in life,how many uncertain events

yiju miaomiao   zhongcheng  juexiang
衣裾渺渺 终成绝响

the clothes only a few,finally disappearing

woyuan chonghui  hantang   zaizou  jiaozhigongshang
我愿重回汉唐 再奏角徵宫商

I want to go back to han tang dynasty,play the instruments again.

zhuowohanjia yishang   xingwoliyizhibang
着我汉家衣裳 兴我礼仪之邦

wearing my han dynasty clothes,revive the polite country

woyuan  chonghui  hantang   zaipushengshi  huazhang
我愿重回汉唐 再谱盛世华章

I want to go back to han tang dynasty,write the great songs again.

heju dangzuqiechang   kanwo huaxia erlang
何惧道阻且长 看我华夏儿郎

no fear of the hard and long road to go,look at the descendants from then.



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