Spirit is food to a city and foundation of urban education

A skype talk about urban education and spiritual foundations.


Lui from India: [Hong Kong] it is among the most globalized nation of the world. How is HK in terms of education.


Lei from Hong Kong: not very good actually, static. We shud get there, as yogis i mean. I know several teachers and when they talk i dont feel anything so speacial and enlightened abt their method. So i suppose it s the same as in other countries


Lui from India: but being a free [market] also must have lots of opportunities for growth…


Lei from Hong Kong: yes may be


Lui from India: ok..


Lei from Hong Kong: but the programs for example are the same as in other UNI of other countries


Lui from India: ok tht’s nice.


Lei from Hong Kong: the globalized aspect you can touch it more in the street than in the school


Lui from India: you are absolutely correct. It is the general upscale living and life style…


Lei from Hong Kong: 90% of the people here is local


Lui from India: ok


Lui from India:how about the school.


Lei from Hong Kong: the schools?


Lui from India: ya primary school eduations for kids.


Lei from Hong Kong:some are very chinese , some others international with more teachers from abroad. Kids i heard they are very much pressured. They always have examinations during the year and between the years. I know that coz i talk to the kids in the ashram too. They study hard and have several extra classes


Lui from India: since you can understand the psycho of kids better [saying that because Lei has been a childhood psychologist, n.d.r.]…


Lei from Hong Kong:here kids study ALOT, maybe too much. They start languages, instruments when they are 3 for example. There are plenty of nurseries for this aim.


Lui from India: what is the common stress release for them.


Lei from Hong Kong:not too much time for playing free


Lui from India: hmm


Lei from Hong Kong:i always see them in the street dressed to go to learn something. Their head is too long in the little books. HK also is the first city in the world with the highest rate of music-learning kids.


Lui from India: how does a kid react when they grow up under high pressure.


Lei from Hong Kong: they develop an attitude like they want to learn many many things and apply to a course after another to fill the brain with lots of info.


Lui from India: do they frustrate or some would get involved in other activities to release stress….what do you say.


Lei from Hong Kong:i hear my colleagues talking about their daughters/son, they say the kid is not always happy but a kid should be happy and joyful all the time. But these kids here start to learn the word and the feeling of stress already so young, like it was a normal thing to handle or to cope with. This is not really normal. It’s like they are being prepared to live in a stressed socierty in the future not in a relaxed and enjoable one. Do u think is allright?


Lui from India: yes u are right, but tell me if kids grow up under pressure how do they react when they grow teens, or later…


Lei from Hong Kong:yes i told u they develop an endless desire to fill their brain with info, they learn many things, and probably they are good at them all


Lui from India: ok now we are on the same platform…must be excessive right sided..


Lei from Hong Kong:yes, my co-workers and friends of my age are not happy with learning 2 things for example. They dont want to put limit to this knowledge and they apply to so many classes, and they are like machines; i can see them, they are not relaxed. Always busy studying, learning someting, it’s not positive, i am sure.


Lui from India: it is out of competition or out of learning insincts they behave like these…


Lei from Hong Kong:i dont know, maybe both? many people say because of competition. It becomes a circle in the mind.


Lui from India: but if it is the latter it is better !!!


Lei from Hong Kong:YES


Lui from India: ya, this is why kids cannot enjoy their age now


Lei from Hong Kong:i also feel they burn so much energy and then later they will not have enough strenght for more important steps


Lui from India: this might result in decling age ratio then.


Lei from Hong Kong:somtimes i felt tempted to apply this and that class but i had to tell myself no, 2 is enough otherwise u ll go crazy. HK is based on the Learning principle, very mind oriented, not spiritual oriented, sorry.


Lui from India: i am completely with you on this…


Lei from Hong Kong: it s created on very fragile foundations, human foundations but the spirit is the most important food for a city.



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