Child essay in Italian about freedom and slavery from Africa

Every morning a black man slave used to wake up and go to work in a cotton plantation. One day he was listening to his friends singing along the road. Those chants were laments of suffering and pain. In their melodies they used to pray and ask god to make them free from slavery and chains.

After many years from the discovery of America the black people were taken from their African villages and put on steamers; they have been sold as slaves to the American landlords. They had to obey and work for them. This is why freedom is such a wonderful thing. They have been treated as animals.


We have to love each other, white and black colour doesn’t matter. He is going to be in big trouble the one who looses his freedom. Men who loose their freedom also loose the dignity of human beings. Today black people are free citizens but it is not always easy to live together with the white ones. 🙂

[blog author: 9 years old]


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