Bathing in vibrations of winning styles

Keeping talking about style I ask you to come and read few notes about the Hanfu which i am going to purchuse soon with my friend. It is a winning style because it preserve more than 3000 of history in its fabrics. The first hanfu (meaning clothing of the Han people, the most ancient Chinese ethnic group) was – by legend – realized by the wife of the Yellow Emperor; she used to grow silkworms and this is how she made the firs hanfu. The Japanise kimono and the Korean dress are also derivated from it.

Hanfu was regarded by Han Chinese as a very important part of their culture. The wearing of appropriate styles of Hanfu was an important part of courteous refined behaviour. Confucius considered Hanfu a very important part of Chinese ceremony and ritual and many of his quotations contain references to Hanfu.

Hanfu underwent slight or interesting transformations during the diverse dinasty periods. For example:

According to archaeological discoveries, the basic shape and style of Hanfu were already and almost completely developed during the Shang Dynasty (c. 16th century BC – 11th century BC), the first attested dynasty of China. Clothing from this period was mainly composed of two parts, the Yi (coat) on the top and the Shang (skirt) underneath. The sleeve cuff was narrow. The Yi did not have any buttons and was fixed with a broad sash tied around the waist. A Bixi hung from the waist sash was used to shade the knees.

Archeological finds show that fabrics in this period were mainly in warm colors, especially yellow and red, along with brown. There were also cooler colors like blue, green etc. Because the red and yellow dyes were made from mercury sulfide and orpiment, they were brighter than the other colors and were of stronger penetrability; hence they were more able to last unchanged until today. Modern scientific analysis has shown that dyeing and weaving methods were often used at the same time during Shang and Zhou periods. Orthochromatic colors such as red and yellow were often used to draw on the fabrics after they were woven.

It is apropriate both for women and men and today it is used a lot during official ceremonies or important meetings. Sometimes the cut is adjusted for more modern looks but I still prefer the one closer to the original. It does emanate so much dignity and sobriety, sweetness and magnificence at the same time.

In some places children wear it at school for example or during other occasions.



14 thoughts on “Bathing in vibrations of winning styles

  1. looks soo beautiful! would be great to wear one for puja. do you think it would be possible to buy one via internet?
    I was also thinking to make some courses in sawing to make my own clothes. Sometimes it is very difficult to find something nice and dignified and natural in the shops.
    chinese culture is full of treasures!

  2. Just tonite i was talkin to david, with whom we want to buy it. he says it is probably difficult to find a not Chinese website to purchase it and usually they sell it thru mainland China only not abroad. But i know in Toronto for example is possible to get a hanfu or even in Usa. i dont know about Europe… Here they do it tailor-made! Come and we’ll get it together 🙂 🙂

  3. Thank you for so warm and very informative post. Hanfu looks fine indeed. The girls looks like the flowers from the faeries – Hanfu inspires deep thoughts. While viewing the photos, I tried to guess the relationship between our garments and morality.
    The past looks glorious in all its aspects, when I think about the modern language that fit just for editing… I greatly rejoice over your plans to purchase the Hanfu. That would be not just one more new dress but blossoming out with the eternal purity that don’t fear the stone-faced today

  4. Hi Radha;

    Speaking of Toronto…I’m one of the founders/first members of the Toronto Association for the Revival of Hanfu. Nice to meet you~~

    I have a blog ( now that talks about the difficulties of having the CHINESE (esp. Han Chinese) convinced to their own traditional clothes, let alone their culture today, where the mainland government insists that promotion of Han culture = destroying minorities, and an apathetic Chinese society outside the PRC who is more than happy to see the “dustbin garbage of Feudalism[sic]” gone.

    Feel free to comment, both here and on my blog.

    1. I know this is a very late reply to a very old post but I couldn’t help myself! I feel for the topic too! How can something as beautiful as the Hanfu NOT be the perfect symbol to represent China’s culture? I even visited the website you helped found but unfortunately it was all in Chinese! (which isn’t a bad thing, but I have just begun to learn chinese, so I am nowhere near understanding anything yet ^^;;) If I may help in any way I’d love to know! I’d also like to get in touch with a representative of the society please? I thought posting here would help. I hope it does!

      Thanks! 😀

  5. Assalamualaukim (moslem greeting; peace be upon you). I am Indonesian and I am very interested in the girl who wore hanfu. After I saw the picture I think the girl look very beautiful, calm, polite, elegant, honour even they the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I agree with the word” winning style” that’s really have the all aspect of perfeckness. I have seen many beautiful women who wore modern clothes, I think their clothes is meaningless, there is no honour ( you know mostly modern clothes leave honourness by showing aurat (moslem word; the part of body that should not be seen at all), leave beauty because leaving their great culture and etc. After I compare really the girl who wear hanfu is far more beautiful and interesting than any other women. I am so sorry to heard that “where the mainland government insists that promotion of Han culture = destroying minorities, and an apathetic Chinese society outside the PRC who is more than happy to see the “dustbin garbage of Feudalism[sic]” gone.” That actually not correct at all. how can we leave the most beautiful treasure (hanfu is one of them) in the world? How can we are not honour 3000 years of great culture of China that created hanfu? That’s terible if we are not apreciate the clothes that spend 3000 years of perfection. Even a computer just need less than 200 years of perfection to be the most usefull thing and the most advantage technology. That’s crazy to leave 3000 years of hanfu’s perfection. I am very pleasure if we can make good relationship. I hope your culture will last forever and your country will be in prosperity as I hope so to Indonesia.

  6. I love the hanfu! I think the chinese should readopt their forgotten culture lost through decades of culture erasing. Where I am now in Singapore, there are many different races living together and it is disheartening to see them in traditional attires except for the chinese. And I can assure you a chinese walking our streets in hanfu will be assumed to be a promoter for a period drama or a lost cosplayer. My favourite part of the hanfu is actually the bixi! Lovely!

  7. I’m very happy to see people here discussing HanFu. I do not have time to say much now or to dig out accurate numbers. One thing which is very important to point out, is that Hanfu was not lost by decades of culture erasing (esp. the Cultural Evolution around 1960-1970). It was lost by a massacre 300 years ago that probably destroyed half of Han population at that time, and largely erased the civilization from human history. The Han people now is very different to the Han people in the long past…

    The massacre was committed by the Manchu barbarian when they took control of China. Han people were forced to abandon their HanFu, and adopt the later famous pigtail appearance. Other achievement of Han people, especially those in art, engineering, and military were also destroyed by the barbarian. The crime was skillfully done to enslave the Han people for 200+ year under Manchu control. A great people once created brilliant civilization thus became lifeless since then.

    The barbarian empire, Qing Dynasty, eventually collapsed around end of 19th century, when its barbarian and slavery nature was confronted by western thoughts and technologies. But the damage to Han people had been done, carved deep into the bones, in the sense that, it is still having a profound influence on the current Chinese politics: lack of independent thinking/democracy/human rights/…

    The rebirth of HanFu after 300 years is our hope to trigger a rebirth to this great civilization, which I believe we all admired, simply by looking at the ancient glory that had endured: the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, ancient paintings, poems, …

    For those who can read Chinese:

  8. Hi Heng Xing, than you so much for all these precious info. When i purchased 3 hanfu in Beijin last year and came back to Hong Kong, my husband and his friends laughed at me because, like most of the Chinese, they think that hanfu is just for old movies and there was no real reason in my purchase. But i simply admire the essence of the great cultures and find it meaningful to have the possibility to use things with such inticate and wonderful design.

    In fact when we went to Italy for Xmas in 2008 i brought the hanfus with me and introduced it to my family there; they were really happy to wear it at home and understand the creative Chinese mind thru this way.

    To be extreme is never good, manchu people did something really extreme and barbarian which is now certainly having repercussion on the collective consciusness all over in China. The same happened in America for example with the native people.

    Today we are happy because we know the way to the Balance which translated in Chinese can also be explained as Tao for example.

  9. I love the first two dresses, it is so beautiful, I can wear them on my vacation days or party time. I wish I can get them some where. If anybody knows where to get them?

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