Designing lifestyles simply collective

At Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, they just concluded few days of new meetings, conferences, workshops and so on…all about designing. To greet the plethora of young designers coming from all over a new idea of “staying together” has been planned and realized. La Casa del designer – The designer’s home: 130 beds, services to share, relax zone, wi-fi connection, internet point and little newspaper/magazine area. All for 30 euro per day. It was said “a new concept of hospitality” this one of the sharing. It also helps the creativity to boost up and get new nourishment while mixing with other people as much as possible.

New concept?

Do you remember the beautiful and progressive ashrams of the ancient time born in India to protect the meditative attitudes of the ones who wanted to live surrounded by peace and nature only?  Well i was having this experience translated in these modern beautiful times few years ago for quite a long time either in Europe and in Southamerica …and it s a blast! I think living collectively is some kind of an attraction and attitude located deep down in our roots. Not just an habit or a decision. It’s natural. There is so much to gain when you are living in a group and nothing to loose. Either you meditate or you dont meditate. As far as there is concern for the others it s a totally nurturing experience where we humans develop

  • ability to support each other
  • desire to love and “feel” others and ourselves

If we know few crucial things about relationships, mind and spirit the game becomes even more interesting and we start to enjoy it at maximum levels. When i was living collectively in Italy for example i understood that even without talking about our problems they get dissolved into some kind of force derivated by the spirit of union of the group; afterwords the problems start to disappear litterally and a sort of protective aura develops around your phisical and mental person. It is an amazing process which is the essence, the key of the power of the collective work.

There is not even need to talk about it, it just acts and clearly, with the neatest evidence. It is to be experienced only. When i was at the Uni was also used to shift from an house to another with my friends. Great times. Very little meditation but yes the desire to understand each other was always present whomever the time was shared with. And the time spent together was not few weeks but months, years… My friends were my sisters, my brothers, my family. This is my world, i have been always living in extended family, groups, collectives, always constantly measuring myself with the connection to the others. Thing that grew more and more when I arrived to a more consistent connection with myself thru meditation after a while.

Maybe this is one of the reason I landed in a small stripe of land swarming with 8 millions people…

[artwork picture: Lotus flower, symbol of collectivity, made out of 2100 petals by sahaja yoga collective living in Italy – emancipated innovative designers…]


5 thoughts on “Designing lifestyles simply collective

  1. Really intresting idea! I also believe that the power of collectivity is the solution for the future of mankind.

  2. no other way out. and it is also obvious because if we just for one moment close our eyes and think about “integration”: what is the image coming up? Now let’s think about “disintegration”: what s the picture coming out?

  3. i totally agree with u.
    i had one of the most beautiful experiences living in the ashram of cabella (italy)
    an experience that i’ll always cherish in my heart.
    it was mixture of both strong and light moments but very essential for my spiritual growth.

    by the way also my family had contributed in the making of the lotus in the foto very joyful moment all together colouring and making it for the arrival of SM.

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