Peaceful joke (it’s real)

They said this year this simbol of the peace is celebrating its 50ieth birthday. but wikipedia says it was born within the frame of the anti-nuclear discussion in the 60ies. Anyway i thought wow cool! and asked my husband jeff or ping kwan (his real name) “you know this symbol?” Yes – he said – it means fashion.

So here in China it does mean fashion okey?


5 thoughts on “Peaceful joke (it’s real)

  1. when I see this symbol I think on some brand 😉 – I am aslo not the Western culture born, you see…
    I really like the cases when one can see that the Anglo-Saxon culture is not everthing in this world…there is so much more!
    I remember one Austirian freind was shocken to learn that in my childhood I never saw any Disney films 🙂 SO WHAT?? I saw many others(Russian), not less beautiful, sweet and every deep…
    WORL IS BEATIFUL in its variety 🙂
    Have you seen this?

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